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Question: What happens if my child is accepted?

Answer: If your child is accepted, the next stage is you will be contacted by a member of the team and sent full details of the next steps.

Question: Is there a fee to join the agency?

Answer: There is NO fee to join our Agency. We earn the standard agency commission on work models perform through our agency. While there are no fees to be represented by our agency the models are asked to cover their own expenses such as website fees and photos.

Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: There are no upfront fees to join the agency. We do highly recommend the photographer on our agency due to her outstanding quality of work and she charges £90 to have photos done for the agency with five photos per child from the shoot to keep. Our web designer charges £60.00 to construct a child's template for the website and this charge is deducted from a child's first job. Within the website they will have a personal portfolio page that you can view as their parent, and also our vetted clients can view. No one else has access to these pages as they are password protected.

Question: What work could they do?

Answer: Child modelling is generally split into two sections; i. Photographic work - magazines, catalogues, in-store materials, billboards, press adverts, etc. ii. Television work - commercials, film, music videos.

Question: What can my child expect to earn on a job?

Answer: For photographic fees all clients vary, but as an approximation anything from £50 - £60 per hour or £250 - £350 per day. On top of this we will charge fees for any casting/auditions. This is usually paid to the model at £18.00. For Television work fees are approximately £160 - £200 per day. For a TV commercial if your child is used in the final cut they normally get an additional payout, which is called a buyout. This is usually 500% of the day rate.

Question: What does the agency take from this?

Answer: With all fees, once the client pays Tiny Angel Models, we then issue 75% of the total to the child and the agency keeps 25/37.5%.

Question: When will we get paid for a job?

Answer: The model will normally be paid within 90 days of doing the job.

Question: Does my child need a professional portfolio once modelling?

Answer: No. We have online portfolios for all our models. These include any work they do, both photographic and video, and are constantly monitored to keep them as up to date as possible.

Question: Will my child be guaranteed work?

Answer: There is no sure answer to this one, as an agency we can never guarantee that all our models will be accepted for work. However, by having a diverse range or models in each age group with no children too similar our models have a higher chance of getting work as internal competition is kept to a minimum. We also look for children we feel have a look that will appeal to our client base.

Tiny Angel Models notes

Note: You are not normally able to claim travel back from castings or shoots. If you do a shoot outside the London M25 area then we can claim travel. For any television work the chaperone would get a day rate of between £60 - £100.